20 Facts About Me

On my previous blog, I was doing a 30 day blog challenge with a few friends of mine, Simply Kara and Sparkles, Sweat, and Sarcasm. I don’t think I’ll transfer every blog post over I thought the first one would be relevant so I could share a bit more of myself with you. So here goes.


1. I’m from a very small town in Alabama.
2. I served six years in the Air Force.
3. I have been blessed with two wonderful children.
4. I love to crochet.
5. My favorite dish of all time is spaghetti.
6. I’m planning a Canadian road trip for some time next year.
7. I love to play softball even though I haven’t played in years.
8. I love having friends over and entertaining.
9. One of my major flaws is holding grudges.
10. I have my Bachelor’s in Business Management.
11. My dream is to own a diner like my great grandmother did.
12. My least favorite chore is doing laundry.
13. I was very close to my grandparents and miss them daily.
14. I’ve always wanted horses.
15. I have every episode and movie of Sex and the City. I’ve watched them all more times than I can count.
16. I love motorcycles.
17. My favorite Food Network star is Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.
18. One of my guilty pleasures is watching beauty gurus on YouTube. My favorite is Makeup by Tiffany D.
19. I volunteer a lot of my time for a non-profit organization.
20. I hope to retire in FL…..or Italy.


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