Hair Bow Hangers

Hair Bow Hanger

I have never been a real crafty person but this year I’ve decided to change that a bit. The only thing I’ve really known how to do is crochet a Granny Square blanket. I’ve made several of those and I’m currently working on one for my daughter.

Crochet Baby Blanket

But I decided to branch out lately. I have been on quite the shopping binge with hair bows for Baby Girl. Since her and her brother have been temporarily sharing a room, we’ve been using part of his curtain to hang her bows.

Hair Bows

Lucky for me, I have Pinterest and a few crafty friends! I went to Michael’s and picked up a frame, ribbon, and mesh fabric. I went to a crafty crew get together and had one of my friends help me out a little. Here’s the finished product!

Hair Bow Hanger

It turned out even better than I could have imagined!! But once I got home, I realized that it wouldn’t quite be big enough. So I took another trip to Michael’s.

Hair Bow Hangers

Much better!!


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