Hall Bathroom Remodel

This past month my hubs and I tackled our first big remodeling job together, our hallway bathroom. This is what we had to start with.

Hallway Bathroom

The hallway bathroom when we first moved in.

It was not very good. The faucet leaked every time you used it. The floor had peel and stick tile on it. Now, I know sometimes people are short on money or time, but please don’t ever put peel and stick tile in a bathroom. The kids were always splashing water out of the tub at bath time and the water would get up under the tile. Water plus peel and stick tile equals disaster! The tiles starting coming up and I knew the water would start damaging the sub-floor. Also, the wallpaper was something I had never seen before. It was actually strips of wallpaper glued randomly for a mosaic look. Those white lines you see is the wall peeking through the pieces of wallpaper. Once I started peeling off the wallpaper I found several large holes from anchors that the previous homeowners never patched. Fun times!! So I gave us a deadline of our son’s birthday party and we got started tearing it all out!



It took us quite awhile to get the bathroom finished. Between work schedules and everybody in the house getting sick I took us about 3-4 weeks. We ran into a few problems with the floor and the plumbing and then the lighting, but my hubs took his time and worked it all out. I’m so proud of him!


So here’s the finished bathroom!! It was hard to get some clear pictures due to the lighting and using my phone but I do love how it all came together. I got three pictures from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $10 each! They fit perfectly with what I wanted in this bathroom. This is mainly the kids bathroom but it’s also the main bathroom for our guests to use. So I wanted a kid’s theme that wasn’t too animated so to speak. These pictures have great bold colors and I love the sayings! I’ll add better pictures in a bit!!





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