What’s in my Handbag

Whats in my Handbag

Welcome to my messy handbag!! It’s usually the place that receipts, makeup, and children’s toys come to die. No, seriously. But anyways!

Two sunglasses cases – one is empty because I usually leave those glasses on my dash.
A Thirty-One wallet for my 20 something reward cards.
My Michael Kors wallet – it took me forever to find one in this pattern that didn’t zip. I don’t care for those at all.
A few pens.
Receipts from Walgreens, Target, Lowes, Speedway, and Kroger
Walgreens monthly coupon book
Grocery List
A sucker from when my son got some shots at the doctor.
Kleenex since my whole family has seasonal allergies
Hair clip
Travel size smashbox mascara – when I’m in a rush I always forget to put mascara on. A full face of makeup just looks funny with no mascara.
4 lipsticks and 2 lipglosses – this is minor compared to normal. I once pulled out 12 lipsticks. No lie.
Hand lotion.

So let me take a minute to discuss my purse. A few months ago the spouse club that I’m a member of hosted a Home Business Bazaar. One of the vendors there was a Miche representative. I had never really heard of that company before so I didn’t know what to expect, but once I saw this purse I couldn’t put it down.

Miche Calgary Handbag

This is the Calgary demi purse from the Miche Luxe line. Unfortunately, I believe this one has been discontinued. A friend of mine and I hosted a Miche party so that I could get this beauty along with some other shells. However, I haven’t switched out of this one since I bought it. If you’re new to Miche, I definitely recommend that you check them out!!

Here’s a link to my friend’s Miche site.


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