Where Have I Been??

Style, Strollers, and Sweet Tea

I just love how crazy and busy life gets sometimes. It almost seems as if you traveled ahead in time. I swear it was just my birthday and here we are two weeks later. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? My schedule has been jammed packed with meetings, appointments, diaper changes, and field trips. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to really stop, rest, and regroup. Here’s a little recap of what we’ve been up to or what’s coming up!

Lunch Bunch

Lunch dates and play dates galore!! Now that the snow seems to have subsided and the sun is out, I’ve been trying to get the kids out and about. I know I get cabin fever quite a bit so I’m sure they’re feeling it too. Plus, just how adorable is this shot??

ESC Spring Bazaar

The Spouse Club that I’m a part of has been working around the clock preparing for our largest social as well as our 2nd Home Business Bazaar. A certain challenge that comes with being a military spouse is all of the moves. While the change of scenery can be great, it can be challenging to restart your network if you work from home. We’ve been working hard to give people a chance to come out and meet new people and learn about new opportunities that are open for them. This is something that we’ve just started this year, but we are really hoping that it’ll become an annual event. Plus, I’m learning how great I am at organizing events such as fundraisers!

Bleeding Heart

Another beautiful thing about Spring, yard work!! While I hate pulling weeds and getting chased by bees, I do love how pretty our yard can be. I realized this Spring that I have at least 7 Bleeding Heart plants in my yard! How did I miss that before? These are gorgeous!

Wall Art

I’m currently working on creating some wall art for my dining room. I found this inspirational picture on Pinterest. This particular set can be bought from Golden Paisley on Etsy. I’m using slightly different materials that what she has listed but I’m hoping that I can get it looking pretty decent. I’m practicing on a few other ones first to make sure I have my technique down. If I’m successful, I’ll be sure to share it on here when I’m finished.

Minnie Mouse Party

And speaking of Pinterest and inspiration, I’ve already began looking around for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Can you guess the theme? Yep, she’s in love with Minnie Mouse and I had so much fun with my son’s Mickey Mouse party a few years ago so I figured why not! Thankfully one of my best friends just started up her event planning business, Posh Planning, so if I do run into any snags I can always hire her!!

I’m hoping to get some more posts up soon. Unfortunately my laptop has crashed on me beyond repair so I have to get another photo editing software. Fun times!! I know I have roughly 200+ pictures on my camera right now that I really need to start working through! But in the mean time, let me know if  you have any favorite Food, Craft, Christian, or Mommy blogs that you’re a part of or that you would recommend. I would love to see what fun things other people have been working on!


One thought on “Where Have I Been??

  1. I sure love reading your blog posts!! It sounds like your just really enjoying your precious family, and thank you for sharing your heart with us. Blessings to you guys!!


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