Tile Coasters

Tile Coasters

I’ve recently branched out with my crafting and decided to try my hand at tile coasters. I have a bunch of scrapbook paper on hand so I had my mother pick out two patterns that she liked. She chose these colors for living room. I love how the coasters with the writing turned out! I still have more of that paper left so I will be making a few more of those for our den downstairs.

Tile Coasters

This is what the tiles looked like when I started. I bought these as is from Lowe’s. They weren’t exactly what I was looking for but they worked like a charm.

Tile Coasters

My mother traced and cut out the scrapbook paper while I wiped down the tiles to ensure there was no residual tile dust.


These are definitely my favorites! Here they are drying from the second layer of Mod Podge. Once they were dry, I hot glued some corkboard pieces on the bottom and took them outside to spray them down. I used a clear coat acrylic enamel spray paint to seal the Mod Podge. My mother is in love with her new coasters and I couldn’t be any happier with that!

Tile Coasters


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