New Obsession…Chunky Necklaces

Manic Monday Blog SeriesWelcome back to other Manic Monday! I thought today I would share my new obsession with you. I have recently decided to run a craft booth in a bazaar later this year, which is crazy since I’m really new to the crafting world. Sink or swim, right? So I have decided to start making some chunky necklaces for toddlers, among other things. I use to buy all my daughter’s necklaces from a friend, who just happen to move to another country. So instead of finding someone else to buy the necklaces from, I decided to make some of my own. And I must say, I’m quite liking how they’re all turning out.

Purple Minnie Mouse

I made this necklace for my daughter’s birthday later this year. It’s perfect for her purple Minnie Mouse theme.

Pink Lemonade

This one is adorable and perfect for summer outfits. My friend has already received one for her daughter to wear on their vacation.

Pink and Blue

This one is kind of classic. My daughter loves wearing this one around the house.

If you like these, head over to my Facebook page here to check out the rest of my latest obsession!!


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