Summer Schedule

Toddler Thursday Blog SeriesWelcome to my first Toddler Thursday series! As a stay at home mom, my day pretty much revolves around my children. Sure I get the thrill of the occasional house chore or blog post or maybe even some quiet craft time. But I’ll be honest that those are far and few between. And if I thought I was busy during the school year, I didn’t know what awaited me during the summer break.

This summer is going to be a first for me in many aspects. The first summer I won’t be working outside the home. The first summer since I’ve had my daughter that my mother isn’t staying with us. Along with those firsts, my husband will be gone some on business, I have multiple events lined up with a nonprofit organization, and I made myself quite the ambitious editorial calendar. Perhaps I was a little too ambitious.

To help me stay on task and to help keep the kids active and engaged in things other than the tv, I dug through Pinterest and other websites looking for fun summer ideas.

Summer Schedule

Summer Schedule by Somewhat Simple

This is the first summer schedule I found on Pinterest. You can find the original post for it on Somewhat Simple, here.

Summer Schdule

Summer Schedule by Melanie Makes

Here’s the second example I found. It’s from Melanie Makes, here. These spurred a bunch of different theme ideas that I considered doing. But when I went through my schedule I found myself being drawn to the summer schedule from Somewhat Simple. We’ve been on this for 4 weeks now, and while we have missed a few days it has been a lot of fun. Here’s a few things we’ve done.

Nature Bracelets

Make Something Monday – Nature Bracelets

Nature bracelets are extremely easy and my little ones loved it. They love being outside and going for walks and the bracelets allowed us to talk about plants and bugs among other things.

Apple Shakers

What’s Cooking Wednesday – Apple Shakers

For our What’s Cooking Wednesdays I try to get the tasks simple enough that my toddler can do them. These apple shakers are a fun treat. I put a little bit of cinnamon and sugar in a Ziploc bag. I then gave each kid some apple slices to put in their bags. Once the bags were sealed, the kids went crazy shaking their apples up. The kids had a slight sugar high after this, but it wouldn’t be summer break without one!

Museum of Discovery

Museum of Discovery

Museum of Discovery

Museum of Discovery

While we were in Arkansas, the kids’ grandparents took them on a trip to Little Rock to the Museum of Discovery. That day I got a lesson in trying to teach a 5-year-old about science. There’s a reason my degree isn’t in education so hopefully Baby Boy will have some pretty awesome teachers in his life that can more than make up for my short comings!

If you need ideas for your summer schedule, I highly recommend this book.

Toddlers Busy Book

I have found so many great ideas for my both of my children with this book. You can get a copy from Amazon here.

If you want to see more of what I have planned for our summer schedule, please let me know in the comments below. And catch up with me next week for another Manic Monday!!


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