Chore Charts

Toddler Thursday Blog Series

I’ve been promising for a while to share what I use for my kids’ chore charts. It’s really nothing complicated since I picked up everything on an impulse Dollar Tree trip.

Chore Wall

As you can see, I very quickly threw it up so everything is not lined up perfectly. I’m anticipating painting this summer so I wasn’t too worried about it for the time being. The motivational posters came two to a pack. I got a few extras and actually put those up in my son’s room.

My idea behind this wasn’t the normal “Gotta teach the kids to pick up after themselves”. This was more behavioral driven. My son has been getting into a lot of trouble lately and nothing I seemed to do was getting through to him. He’s had timeouts, grounded to his room, toys taken away, and electronics taken away. Nothing was making a difference. So like I always do, I started scrolling through Pinterest to see what else other moms have been trying. That’s when I decided to switch from concentrating on punishment, and start focusing on rewards. Now, he still gets punishments when they are warranted, but I can tell that when I’m consistent with the chart his behavior is much better.

I think this is for two reasons. First, he’s just too busy to really get into trouble. I have time set aside each day for learning, chores, art, and free play. This keeps him on schedule and moving right along before boredom kicks in. Secondly, his focus has shifted to doing things to get stars. Once a row is filled up for the entire week he gets a special treat, dinosaur chocolates.

Chore Chart

These charts came as a package deal at the Dollar Tree. It came with several chore charts and a few sheets of star stickers. Most of these Baby Boy can accomplish completely on his own. When he unloads the dishwasher, he puts anything that he can’t reach on the counter for me to put up later. For his laundry, he carries his basket downstairs and gets his clothes in the washer. I supervise him to make sure he checks all of his pockets. No crayons for my washer machine! Then I’ll do the detergent and start it. From there, he can transfer his clothes to the dryer and start it by himself. Once his clothes are done, he’ll carry them upstairs where I’ll fold them and help him put them away. He absolutely loves doing his laundry. It helps him feels independent, and I don’t mind the extra help where I can get it.

Family Rules

I picked up these vinyl wall decals at Dollar Tree as well. I didn’t intend for them to end up on the chore wall, but they actually work perfectly there. It’s a nice reminder for the kids.

Do you have a chore system set up for your kids? I would love to see what ideas you use! Share your pictures and links below!!


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