Dollar Tree Collage

Whatever Wednesday Blog Series

I’m in a special decor Facebook group called White Walls. It’s for members of the armed forces and the reason behind the name is the sea of white walls we see when we move to a new base and a new house. If you a member of the armed forces who has a passion for home decor, I would suggest that you check them out. Plus they have other groups for cleaning, needlework, etc.

Well one day I saw this amazing post. A lady had stopped by the Dollar Tree and purchased several 12 x 12 mirrors. It was quick and inexpensive. Since we may be moving in the next year, I’ve been trying to get our house ready to stage and I’m always looking for very inexpensive ways to spruce up any space. Here’s what I came up with.

Mirror Collage

This is the wall at the foot of our stairs. Off to the right of the picture is the door to the garage. I had originally wanted a collage of family pictures, but that can get a little pricey. Plus, with the thoughts of selling soon I wanted to keep it impersonal. Oh, and you see my lovely paint swatches? They’re everywhere! Normal, right?

Mirror Collage

I actually had the vinyl wall decal on hand. I purchased several of them on our last trip to California. I believe I got them from Kirkland’s. This particular one has been moved several times so it’s starting to fall off. But I do have an amazing friend who can actually make me another one.


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