Entry Table Decor

Whatever Wednesday Blog Series

I have to say that one of the areas in my house that I’m most proud about is my entry way table. It took my mother and I months to find the perfect table but we finally found one at target.

Entryway Table

I was hunting for a table that had a lot of storage because at the time I did not have a very big desk. I also wanted something with drawers or doors, but I couldn’t find one that I liked. So here’s how I make this particular table work for me.

Entryway Table

I got these espresso baskets from Michael’s and the lamps are from Target. I had all the other decor on hand. I had one person comment on Instagram that I should have had different color baskets to really make them pop. I on the other hand like how they blend in with the table. It’s brings less attention to them for my kids.

Entryway Table Top

I love how simple yet classic this look is. And I made the flower arrangement myself. It has my favorite flowers, roses and hydrangeas along with one magnolia flower. It represents my Southern Heritage. I got all of the materials from Hobby Lobby.

Peacock Mirror

I also love sunburst and peacock mirrors. I love the one that Tiffany D has, you can see it here. I was able to pick this one on sale at the base exchange.

Entryway Table

My mother actually purchased the Parisian bag for me. It’s a set of 3. I keep my blankets (and occasional baby doll) in the larger one seen above. I keep spare magazines in the medium size. And I use the smaller one to keep my fabric and my new necklaces that still need to be photographed. I also use the smaller one in my background.

Pink Parisian $15

Pink Parisian $15

The smaller bag works perfectly in my pictures. If you’re interested in getting this set, you can find it and two other designs on the Lakeside Collections page.

I also love my entryway table during the holidays. Is a quick glance at last Halloween (which wasn’t complete) and Christmas.

Halloween Entryway Table

The wreath did not stay there. It eventually got hung up.

Christmas Entryway Table

I’m sure I’ll do a holiday theme decor haul when it’s that time of the year again. I hope you enjoyed another peek into my little home and like always please feel free to share pictures or links to your home decor down below! I’ll see you tomorrow for another edition of Toddler Thursdays!!


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