What Holds Me Together

Thankful Thursday Blog Series

When I decided to start a new Thankful Thursday blog series, I began going over a list of things that I’m thankful for. It really is quite a large list too. I have been very blessed throughout my life and I’m learning to see more and more beauty around me. So I figured that I would start this series with what tops my list every time, God.

God is Within Her She Will Not FailI don’t always post things about my religious beliefs, but if I’m going to keep everything honest on this blog then I have to write about what’s in my heart. I am very far from being a strong, devout Christian, but I always try to keep God in my heart. I have been through many dark valleys in my life that include abuse, divorce, and illness. I may eventually open up more on those topics but for now, I just want to mention the common thing that got me through and that is my relationship with God. There were moments when I was at my absolute lowest and darkest, and I could still feel God’s love shining through to me. It is this knowledge that keeps me going; that puts me back together when I fall apart. I may still struggle and fall at times, but I know I can keep trying. I will cover more of my relationship with my new series, Sunday Scriptures. I will cover my favorite Bible verses, Bible studies, and experiences. Even if you’re not a Christian, I encourage you to join me during this series. I hope that my experiences and insights may help someone, anyone who may be going through similar situations. But for now, I’ll close with this. I am everything that I am, and I have everything that I have because of God. He is the number one thing that I’m grateful in my life. I hope to see you this Sunday for my new series, and be sure to catch me next week for more Thankful Thursdays!

With God All Things Are Possible


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