Raising a Thankful Family

Thankful Thursday Blog Series

I’ve always been grateful for my family. We may not always see eye to eye on things, but they’re my family. They’ve been next to me since the beginning. I know that they were planned ahead of time just for me, and vice versa. Do I want to scream at them sometimes? Absolutely! But I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Even the bad times we’ve been through has served a purpose, rather we would like to admit it or not.

Be Thankful for Your Mother

My Mother and I ~2009

Be Thankful for Your Father

My Father and I ~2008

Below is another excerpt from some of my previous writing. I believe it was written around 2012, so long ago I knowwww. But when I found this little clip, it really drove home the point that I’m still trying to make.

Grandparents are Special. Cherish Them.

One of the last pictures I got to take with my Grandfather ~2008

Today I was thinking about what I’m thankful for and I started to think about my mother and my grandparents. That topic got me to thinking about legacies and role models. I am the product of their lives. Every life decision and action they made led me to this very day, just as their parents and grandparents did with them. If one of my ancestors, rather it be my grandfather or his great great grandfather, had made one decision differently, how much different would my life be? I’m sure some will say that it wouldn’t be that different at all, but how can you be sure? I may not know many of my relatives that were older than my grandparents, but I do know that the way they lived their lives still impact the way that I live today. The lessons that I have learned from my mother and her parents have been handed down through generations, rather intentionally or not.

Be Thankful for Your Family

Miss Teen of America with my Grandparents

So what legacy am I passing down to my son (and daughter)? Of course I’m trying to teach him please and thank you. I’m trying to ensure that he has manners and knows how to behave. But what am I teaching him that I’m not even aware of. What is he picking up when I think he’s not even paying attention? But it’s really even bigger than that. I am a role model for my son, yes. But I am also essentially a role model for every person that I come into contact with.

Be a role model they will respect

I said this many times while I was in the military, but it is true for everyone. Everyone that you meet is a role model. Every NCO I met taught me something. A lot of them taught me about the kind of NCO that I did NOT want to be. They showed me the qualities that I knew I did not want to emulate. However, there were NCOs who showed me what kind of NCO and person in general that I did want to be like. I have probably tossed that notion out since I have separated from the military, but perhaps I shouldn’t have. My son will grow up watching me and my husband. Later in his life, he will choose to model his path after ours, or run like crazy from it. I must remember that whenever I make even the tiniest decision, someone is watching. And they will use that as an example and future reference in their mind. What legacy are you leaving behind through your children and your neighbors?


Let’s make it a good one!!


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