For the Love of Bible Studies

Sunday Scripture Blog Series

My journey in my faith is not always straight as an arrow. I long to grow more as a Christian and have a deeper understanding in the world around me. To help me with this, I have purchased several Bible studies to read through. My self-discipline to set up a solid study time isn’t always the best, but these are the Bible studies that are on my Study List.

Children of the Day Bible Study

The Children of the Day Bible study is the one that I’m currently working through. The local church that I had been attending starting doing this one but due to scheduling constraints I couldn’t attend. So I bought the series to do at home with a few friends. The basis behind this study is that through the challenges of family life, work driving you crazy, and just not knowing where you fit in at times; God has a plan for you and his timing is everything. Next I’ll share with you some other Bible studies that I have.

Growing in Christ Bible Study

Growing in Christ: Lessons on Assurance is designed to help you with fundamentals of a Christian life as you study scripture. It covers assurance on salvation, answered prayer, forgiveness, giving, good works, etc. There is a second study associated with this that I currently do not have yet, Growing in Christ: Lessons on Christian Living.

Women Like Us Bible Study

I’ve had this study for a while now, and sets forth to help contemporary women face everyday challenges with Biblical wisdom. It will help growing Christians with issues such as difficult marriages, infertility, caring for aging parents, materialism, and much more.

Proverbs Bible Study

Proverbs is a very powerful book in the Bible due to the many accounts of wisdom shared throughout it. This study explores the timeless wisdom shared within the book of Proverbs to help us make wiser decisions in our every day lives.

What Bible studies have you participated in that really spoke to you? I’m always on the look out for great studies, so please share some of your favorites in the comments below!


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