Raspberries and Vinegar


A few nights ago I finished reading Raspberries and Vinegar by Valerie Comer. I’ve had it downloaded to my Kindle for a while now; longer than I care to admit actually, so I decided it was about time to cross it off my To Read list.

For the most part I did enjoy the book. It was a nice change to read a more modest love story and as a health coach, I did enjoy the story line about nutrition and sourcing our food locally. However, my main issue with the book also falls into that story line.

The main character was so strict and uptight about locally grown food and optimal nutrition, that she let it become a barrier in her relationships with people. And this is a common issue today as well. Nutritionists, vegans, and even health coaches get this bad reputation that if we see you eating a bacon cheeseburger that we’re going to come slap it out of your hands. And this example is even used in the book as she literally tries to take a burger from someone while they’re trying to eat. Not only is that bad for our industry, that’s just bad manners.

Once I was able to ignore the common misconception though, I was able to thoroughly enjoy the book. I do like many of the ideas mentioned in the book and could relate to some of the struggles the characters had. All in all, while I know this book isn’t for some people, I would recommend it.


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