Spiritual Binder

Spiritual Binder

These last few years as I’ve been growing deeper in my faith I’ve been looking for tools and resources that will help me along my journey. I heard about the idea of a spiritual binder from YouTube. I modeled my personal binder after the one that Christine Pearson showed on her channel. You can see that video here. I’ve been making small changes here and there as I use it to make it work better for me. I placed some simple yet pretty scrapbook paper in the front, spine, and back of the binder to spruce it up a bit. Spiritual Binder

I like using this Avery Protect & Store Mini 3 Ring binder. I keep prayer cards, tithing cards, and my family picture in the plastic pouch. The night before church I’ll fill out my cards and check. That way I have it all ready for church the next morning. I also like having my family picture in there because it’s a constant reminder of everything I have to be thankful for.

Here’s a glance at my first set of tabs: Bible Study, Verses, Gratitude, Prayer, and Sermon. The Bible Study and Sermon are where I jot down notes of what stood out or spoke to me. As I find a scripture verse that resonates with me, I write it with my favorite verses. I don’t use the gratitude and prayer as much as I would like to. I started off writing in there daily, but now it’s mostly weekly.

Spiritual Binder

And here’s my second set of tabs: Worship, Sites, Inspire, Read/Listen, and Tithing. My worship tab is kind of a work in process. It’s for lyrics and poems that may resonate with you, but I’ve been using it as more of a resource page. I have power tools, positive projects, study tips, etc. For the sites, I write down any websites that I hear about during sermons or bible studies that I may want to look up later. Next I write down all of my favorite inspirational quotes and then any books I want to read. And lastly I keep track of all of my tithes and check numbers.

Spiritual Binder

In the back of my binder I just keep some of my daily affirmations and verses I’ve been working on memorizing.

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