About Me

Style Strollers and Sweet Tea


Welcome to Style, Strollers, and Sweet Tea!! I’m a small town country girl from the South navigating her way through the joys and missteps of life as a wife and mother.

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This is a unique journey for me because I always dreamed of having the corner office or at the very least slaving away in my own restaurant. However, I feel myself being drawn more and more back home to raise my two beautiful children. Baby Boy is now 6 and Baby Girl is 3. They are full of energy and are usually up for just about anything, except picking up toys.

 I created Style, Strollers, and Sweet Tea as a way for me to share the many aspects of my journey such as tried and true family recipes, crafts my kids love, mommy fashion, and everything in between. So be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss any of our not so Boring life!!

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