Baja Bean

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We’ve been settled in Charlottesville for roughly 5 months now and we have definitely enjoyed trying all of the new restaurants around us. One of the first restaurants we went to was no surprise a Mexican restaurant, Baja Bean. My husband actually thought it was a coffee shop at first, but once I told him that it was a Mexican joint he promptly turned around to go back. I’ve tried several different dishes here and I’m never disappointed in the food. Sometimes the service is lacking a bit, but we put up with it for the prices and the food.

Baja Bean Cabo Tacos

Cabo Tacos with Bacon wrapped Shrimp


Baja Bean Guaca Tacas

Guaca Tacas

Pesky Enchiladas

Pesky Enchiladas



If you love food as much as I do, don’t forget to check out some of my favorite recipes! Links below!

Maple Bacon Muffins

Maple Bacon Muffins

Frozen Patio Punch

Frozen Patio Punch

Ohio Local Eats

As I’m getting ready to say good bye to Ohio, I can’t help but become a little nogastic. This place has been home for the last 4 years. And as sad as it may sound, I will definitely miss some of my favorite local spots around here. What can I say, I’m a foodie at heart. So as a farewell to my Ohio Local Eats, I wanted to do a roundup of some of my favorite spots.

Lily’s Bistro is in the Oregon District in downtown Dayton. It has been my long time standing favorite restaurant. The atmosphere and staff are always pleasant. The array of cuisine has never disappointed me. I love the seasonal menu using only the best of local ingredients. And did I mention their Disco Fries are amazing!

Lily's Bistro

Dublin’s Pub is also in the Oregon District of downtown Dayton. When I was hired at a local company in Dayton a few years back, this was where they treated me to lunch. It quickly became a favorite since it was located close to work, but also because the prices were low, the food was delicious, and the staff was always prompt and courteous. We took my husband’s best friend there for lunch one day, and he quickly requested to go back for dinner that night.

Dublin's Pub

Foy’s Rock and Roll Grill is located on Main Street in downtown Fairborn. It’s literally right down the road for me. I usually get their club sandwich or their daily lunch plate. I don’t think I’ve found a better lasagna at any diner. My only complaint is that I wish I would have found it sooner!

Foy's Rock and Roll Grill Fairborn OH

Picture from Foy’s Rock and Roll Grill Facebook

Chantilly’s Cream Dessert Shop is also located on Main Street in downtown Fairborn. I’ve only been here a few times this last year but it always impresses. I love the cozy, dainty décor and the owner is incredibly sweet. I’ve had quite a few sandwiches for lunch but I mainly love their pasta salad. It’s creamy, savory, and has just the right amount of kick at the end. I was also very thankful that the owner allowed me to come in for countless refills while I was outside for a craft show.

Chantillys Cream Shop Fairborn OH

The Inside Scoop is another local find that I wish I knew about sooner. It’s a few doors down from Chantilly’s in downtown Fairborn. This cute little ice cream shop has a nice variety of flavors to choose from and the prices simply cannot be beat. It has quickly become a favorite past time for my family. We usually head that way on the weekend after dinner to enjoy a small scoop while we catch up with each other from our busy week.

The Inside Scoop Fairborn OH

Picture from The Inside Scoop Facebook

Crossroads BBQ is tucked away on the corner of Fundenburg and Colonel Glenn in Fairborn. Its owners took over a small Italian restaurant and is now serving up some of the best bbq in town. The portions are large enough that I have my kids share a plate. The prices are pretty average but I don’t mind since the quality and amount of food I get is good. Usually if I’m at Crossroads I’m sitting by myself on one of the high tops in the corner watching Food Network. It’s become my quiet little getaway.

Crossroad's BBQ


And I cannot forget my all-time food truck here, Pa’s Pork. Their food is so amazingly delicious that I actually had them come out and cater my vow renewal wedding this year. Need I say more? I didn’t get a picture of the food at the wedding since it was devoured so quickly, but I found an old picture from a few years ago when Pa’s stopped by my work for lunch.


If any of my local people in the Dayton/Fairborn area are reading this, please be sure to stop by these great restaurants and check them out. If I left your favorite off, please be sure to leave it in the comments below!

Brio Tuscan Grille

Brio Tuscan Grille

I love our Lunch Bunch group! This last month we hit up Brio at the Greene. We all love pasta so it was a natural choice. I’ve been here a few times and I absolutely love it. And I have to say the service is pretty good as well. Each time I’ve been has been with a large group and I haven’t been disappointed yet with our wait staff. Here’s a quick look of what I had this month.

Bistecca Insalata

Bistecca Insalata – Lettuce wedge, gorgonzola, bacon, roma tomatoes, and a creamy Parmesan dressing.

Pasta Brio

Pasta Brio – Rigatoni, grilled chicken, seared mushrooms and roasted red pepper sauce

Lily’s Bistro

Lily's Bistro

Lily's Bistro

For those who know me, I love trying new places and new foods. I’ve recently joined a Lunch Bunch group and they’ve already introduced to me to some new gems in Dayton, Ohio. However, this last month I got to take the ladies to one of my all time favorite spots in the area, Lily’s Bistro. It’s located in downtown Dayton in the historic Oregon District.

Lily's Bistro

Lily's Bistro

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Lily's Bistro

Fried Calamari with Lemons and Jalapenos, sides of Sriracha and Oyster Ginger Sauce


Lily's Bistro

Cavatappi with Spinach and Scallops in a Saffron Cream Sauce


Lily's Bistro

Roast Pork Ramen with Bacon Stock Dashi, Pac Choi, Wild Mushrooms, Pickled Vegetables and a Poached Egg


These are just a few of the dishes that I’ve sampled recently. I could go on and on about the fresh ingredients and bold flavors that you’ll find at Lily’s but honestly, it’s best as a first hand experience. So if you in my local area, head down to the Oregon District and see for yourself why Lily’s Bistro has named one of the best restaurants in Dayton, Ohio.